We know that, especially with aesthetics, most new customers have inquiries and concerns. That's why a new you aesthetics has dedicated this option for you to be able to book a consultation, completely free of charge, to discuss it all with an expert. Feel free to voice your concerns during the consultation, make your expectations known, and we’ll be able to help you pick the right options.


Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Anti-wrinkle injections target specific muscles in the face, blocking the signals sent from the nerves to the muscle. This causes the muscle to relax softening lines and wrinkles. This treatment can treat many areas of the face to reduce signs of ageing and improve facial symmetry.

Three areas (female) £180
Two areas (female) £130
One area (female) £100
One area (male) £110
Two areas (male) £140
Three areas (male) £200
Gummy smile £80
Brow lift £130
Bunny lines £80
Nose tip Lift £90
Perioral (smokers lines) £80
Chin Dimpling £130
Masseteric hypertrophy
(Jawline Slimming) £180
Review appointment (free)


Fat Dissolving

We provide bespoke advanced aesthetics treatments as well as many health and well-being treatments. Please discover below the full range of treatments we offer and what is involved.

Aqualyx small area £75
Aqualyx medium area £100
Aqualyx large area £150


Vitamin Injections

A wide range of Intramuscular vitamin injections are available at A New You.

B12 £25
Biotin £25
Vitamin C £25


Freeze Pen

Cyrotherapy (freeze pen) Uses extreme cold temperatures to remove abnormal tissue such as warts/plantar warts, lentigo, dermatafibroma, seborrheic keratoses, non-recurrent basal cell, molluscum, actinic keratoses, keloids and skin tags

All Services £75


Skin Boosters

‘Skin boosters’ are an injectable treatment that is designed to deliver deep skin hydration and facial rejuvenation.

Teoxane RHA redensity £180
Profhilo - 2 sessions £400
Profhilo - 1 session £200
Jalupro - 3 sessions £300
Jalupro HMW £120
Jalupro superhydro £190


Lip Blush

Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent tattoo or makeup where people are looking to rejuvenate the color of their lip border or the actual substance of the lip.

Lip Blush £250
Lip blush top up £50
Lip Blush Correction £150


Skin Care

We offer a wide variety of skincare treatments which can all be tailored to suit the individual client.

Luxury facial with dermaplane £40
Luxury facial with chemical peel £50
Hydr02 facial £50
Casmara mask add on £10
Microneedling £60
LED light therapy add on £5
Microdermabrasion £40
Ear Hopi £20
Mesotherapy £60
Aqua gold fine touch
(24k gold facial with toxins) £300


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